Website Building Application

Through Sublime Design Ltd, I was chosen from a selection of fellow cartoonists

to be comissioned to create a sequential art message to encourage KIWIBANK clients to switch from writing cheques to online bank transactions. Along with a vague brief I was provided with a visual brief of 21 frames intended for one A3 page! Fortunately I was given full artistic licence to develop the characters and consolidate frames as needed to tell the story.

Below the finished artwork, you'll find their visual brief, my first pencilled suggestion, and then the first finished  colour suggestion, with lots of changes as you can see. They were already prepared to pay for these changes so all was well.

Here is the visual brief they provided me with.

This was my first pencilled suggestion.

After my first visual rewriting of their brief, my clients listed the changes they wished for and I provided this coloured update to the story. There were yet more changes requested before I completed this project with the final cartoon story at the top of this page.



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This is the final look once Sublime Design had added the Kiwibank title to be used online and as printed posters at Kiwibank around the country.