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Tarnbrae 'Rhino' Safety & Protection

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From 2007 to 2010 I worked with a Gisborne company, Tarnbrae, whose business was providing safety & protection, primarily in the working environment. They commissioned me to produce two cartoon mascots to illustrate their product catalogues. Characters that would sell the safety products within the catalogues as if they were sales representitives.

Due to Tarnbrae's location, being the place where Captain Cook first set foot in New Zealand, the company wanted a character to represent Nicholas Young, a cabin boy on the good ship 'Endevour' who first sighted land in 1769......and so I created 'Young Nick'.

Young Nick's companion in Tarnbrae's Rhino Safety Catalogue was a cartoonified version of the logo & name of the safety products they produced, namely a Rhino!

Enjoy scolling down while perusing the two cartoon mascots I created for Tarnbrae.